Tuesday, January 25, 2022

It would seem that there are many types of alternative medicine treatments now readily available to individuals. These can include such things as lymphatic drainageiv hydration therapy and nutritional therapy. Another one that is getting a whole lot of attention these days due to its effectiveness is Stem Cell Injections. This type of injections have been given to help individuals dealing with various illnesses or injuries to the joints. The question though is what are stem cell injections, how are they created and what type of conditions are these injections used to treat?

Stem Cell Injections

When stem cell therapy was first derived it was all about taking the stem cells from embryos. This type of process of removing stem cells and using them was known as embryonic. Because the stem cells were taken from embryos this led to controversy over the treatment itself. But now it has been determine that stem cells can actually be taken from the actual patients own bone marrow to be used in the injection process. This type of stem cell treatment is called amniotic which has been more widely accpepted and is now being used to help conditions of the joints. This types of conditions include:

How do the Stem Cell Treatment Work.

Stem Cells treatments are used to help the body actually heal itself. The amniotic stem cells are natural and contain the substance known as hyaluronic acid which is the natural lubricant in the body that helps keep joints mobile and working effectively. Stem cell treatments have also been documented to help the tissue in the body heal along with grow new healthy tissue. So instead of taking a foreign medicine such as steroids and placing them into the body which could lead to other side effects, this treatment takes something naturally made in the body to transplant it elsewhere. Another advantage with this type of treatment if the joint heals itself after the stem cell injections the healing is permanent.

Where as with some of the other treatments there is always a chance that over time the medicine will wear off and the individual would be back to suffering much pain which could lead to more treatment being necessary. Also, because the stem cells are taken from the patient themselves there is little or no chance of rejection of the treatment from the body. So, stem cell injections do have their advantages but right now are still considered alternative treatments, maybe in time that will change since this is still a relatively new treatment that still is trying to prove itself on a wider scale.

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