Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Western medicine and therapies came into being at the moment when traditional medicine was diminishing in terms of popularity. These therapies are very modern and what happens is that they have found their way into handling factors that the traditional medicine could not handle. Ranging from reducing the wraths of cancer and their related infections to psychological matters that would affect the mind of an individual, physicians have gone to the extent of integrating these therapies together in order to increase their functionality and eventually give the condition a blow. Western medicine has been a platform full of benefits to the ancient therapies and humanity as a whole.

What are some of the factors involved in western therapies?

Stem cell knee treatment is one form of therapy that came along with western medicine. What happens, in this case, is that literal transfer of bone marrow is done. This is in situations where an individual develops a problem with their bone marrows. This can be done from on individual to another or from another individual to the patient. It involves the careful transfer of cells and should be carefully done lest it goes all wrong.

Vitamin c therapy and glutathione therapies are also other therapies that are encompassed. Vitamin c therapies are believed by some physicians that they are used to kill cancer cells while other still hold it they have no chance of killing of cancer cells. But one thing that has received mutual agreement is the fact that vitamin c are used to boost the immune system of an individual. What happens when an immune system is boosted is that the body becomes strong against infections. However, high dose of vitamin c can cause side effects. Glutathione therapy on the other hand is also encompassed only that it has rampant side effects. Glutathione injections side effects include:

  • Can cause death
  • Anti-melanogenic effects
  • Excessively light skins


Basically, every aspect of these therapies are quiet efficient. The problem has always been how they are handled. There is need for quality handling and thus professionalism in every bit of process of the is advisable that you insist on high quality service because poor handling of health situations would lead to definite side effects. Some of these side effects are quite dangerous that they can even cause death. Do not let anybody experiment your health.

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