Sunday, September 27, 2020

As the 21st century progresses and the advance of science with it, traditional medical treatments may be starting to integrate more holistic approaches. The old western belief has long been focusing on disease and ailment treatment by using drugs, antibiotics, and bone treatment techniques. It’s also used mainstream psychology and traditional physical therapy to diagnose and treat symptoms that are both traumatic and need recouperation. But within Miami’s medical centers, new forms of holistic medicines are starting to come into play among the western medicine when it’s come time to treat certain conditions and perhaps these new techniques have something that can change the circumstances for patients where the old ones could not.

Why Conventional Medicine Is Still Used

Even though there’s been a gradual movement towards inviting new medicines and medical techniques, conventional western medicine still has its place in the treatment centers because of its reliability in most cases. For example certain diseases where symptoms have been out of the ordinary or never before experienced, they may need conventional means to diagnose. Especially in situations where environmental surroundings or previous medical histories don’t seem to factor into the symptoms. Traditional techniques usually include:

  • Vaccinations such as for Polio or flu shots.
  • Chemotherapy to treat cancer.
  • Transplants, bone settings, cardiology, plastic surgery, and other treatments that may need to be done in dire emergency.

Why Holistic Treatment Is Growing Important

While traditional western medicine may be effective when patients merely have ailments that are temporary or the best means to treat them prescribed by doctor is traditional. But some patients who are victims of chronic illness, have various disorders that need special attention both mentally and physically, or have a disease that is stress-related often need a new approach to take on the disease. Conventional medicine Miami also involves the approaches such as massage therapy and acupuncture, certain healthy dieting, cupping therapies, and other far east methods involved. Through not only attacking the disease but focusing in on the personal wellness of the patient, the philosophy is that the suffering will subside given time and care for the mind, body and spirit.

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