Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Western medicine is the dominant form of medical treatments used throughout Europe, North America and the majority of the world. The term western medicine has become popular since the 18th century when the use of medications and modern treatments began to dominate the techniques used to treat people who had formerly sought the assistance of healers and natural therapies. Conventional western medicine has embarked on a period of exploration that tends to simply treat the symptoms of a problem without seeking out the root cause of a medical condition until all other treatment options have been exhausted. This is where modern medicine differs from natural or alternative therapies that look to treat the reasons why an individual feels ill and is in pain or suffering.

Western Medicine has many Pros and Cons

The main benefits of embarking on a cure or treatment derived from modern western medicine is the chance to treat a specific problem or affected area of the body quickly with medications. The majority of treatments in conventional medicine Miami doctors offer are used in a one size fits all approach that identifies a specific problem and uses a specifically designed treatment to fix it. These treatments can be faster and initially more effective than looking to use alternative therapies, but require the use of chemicals and medications over natural practices. The cons of western medicine include:

  • One size fits all
  • Using medications designed in a lab
  • The root cause of a problem may not be identified

Alternative Therapies can offer a Different Option

The problem many people find with using western medicine is the fact that the approach taken by general practitioners in the modern medical industry does not see a difference between the sick and the healthy. Eastern or alternative therapies generally see the individual as balanced and healthy or unbalanced and unhealthy. By seeing the individual as balanced and healthy an alternative healer will often seek out the chance to maintain the body in a balanced state for the long term. This subtle difference between eastern and western medicine provides followers of alternative medicines with a simple chance to maintain their health without the need for seeing a professional physician.

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