Thursday, October 1, 2020

A simple answer to the question of how western medicine differs from eastern practices is that the Asian based medical practices are more natural in approach. However, there is more to the issue of western medical practices than meets the eye, particularly as many medical groups like the U.K.’s NHS are turning increasingly to alternative therapies. The Western medical approach taken by the majority of medical practitioners sees the individual seek to treat the symptoms of a specific disease or medical condition; this approach differs in a large amount to the approach taken by followers and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine where an overall approach to good health is undertaken.

The approach of western medicine

Western medicine has dominated the medical industry for a number of centuries after this approach became the dominant one in the world. For many followers of western medicine the approach taken is based upon reacting to a medical condition or disease when the symptoms begin to reveal themselves. This approach is effective in handling many medicines, but the approach often falls down in terms of maintaining the good health of an individual throughout their life. The approach of western medicine does not include the use of approaches like gerovital, which uses a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that are designed to offer anti aging benefits. Using synthetic medicines and drugs to treat medical conditions is another aspect of the work of western medicine that differs from eastern based options.

Western medicine versus eastern medicine

The use of western medicine can be summed up with a few bullet points, which include:

  • Treating the symptoms of an illness
  • Using synthetic drugs to treat disease
  • Reactive approach instead of being proactive

In general the use of eastern based medicines, often referred to as TCM includes a proactive approach to becoming healthy for the longest possible time. Therapies and treatments like hydrogen peroxide infusion can be used to maintain the good health of the individual without them suffering from a medical condition before treatments begin. Other options, such as acupuncture in Miami can be used to treat specific conditions like addiction and depression without the need to use synthetic medications as an assistance.

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