Friday, September 25, 2020

Conventional medicine, otherwise known as Western medicine, or modern medicine, is a term that refers to the treatment of illnesses using pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, and even radiation to treat symptoms and diseases. It’s  most widely used modernly, but is currently being rivaled by alternative medicine. These treatments, conventional treatments, are known to be “Old School” by the youth. Even though, technically speaking, most alternative medicine is much older than modern medicine – by over 2,000 years! Some complementary treatments are recently starting to be paired with modern treatments to make a more safe treatment thus known as “Integrated medicine”. Lipid replacement therapy and even the contemporary PEMF treatment are used alongside modern medicine, in integration.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies

Many treatments that were once considered to be those great “alternative” treatments, are now lumped into the modern “old school” treatments. Fish oil, as the most popular example, used to be used as merely an alternative treatment, but has now become a regular part of cardiologists’ therapies. Milk thistle is another of those treatments that used to be considered “alternative” but has now been incorporated by modern medicine as a treatment for cleansing toxins from the liver. Stem cell knee treatment is a more modern therapy, as the stem cell research progresses. With such modern treatments, medicine can progress to prevent illness as well as treat it. That’s the concept and core belief behind complimentary medicine, after all.

A few CAM (Complementary and Alternative medicine) treatments:

CAM Practices

As stated, the core belief of complementary medicine is to heal the illness, not just the symptoms, and to promote health and teach illness and disease prevention. Many practices that can be included in CAM are practices such as naturopathy, traditional chinese medicine, chiropractic, and nutritional medicines. While these highlight a few, the total therapies included are a list far too abundant. Patients are a part of their health, as they learn how to maintain good health and prevent illness. Patients learn to eat properly, exercise, sleep regularly and to manage stress as well. CAM also focuses on the health of the mind and spirit, as well as the body. Ask your doctor if starting a new therapy is right for you.

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