Sunday, September 20, 2020

Western Medicine is based on scientific research. It varies considerably from holistic practices that base their findings on natural supplements and rejuvenating the body back to health. The two are vastly different, yet some have better luck with one or the other. Western Medicine uses a lot of invasive procedures, not to mention drugs, which can alter the bodies’ appearance and chemical makeup. Holistic therapies believe in detoxification and finding the center and removing all unwanted distractions from the mind, body and spirit. Is Western Medicine right for you? Well, only you can make that decisions. However, do you have an illness that has been overcome with this method of treatment?

It’s A Bandaid Not A Cure

It seems that often with the case in Western Medicine is that someone just is given medication to ease the pain or the problem, but it’s never cured. Holistic treatments go to the source of the issue. If there is a misalignment of the spinal column, it can cause constipation, diarrhea, headaches and a plethora of other matters. By correcting the misalignment, it can promote healing. Most Western practitioners would only prescribe medication for the pain, as they don’t do manipulative healing. Neurofeedback therapy ADHD treatments have proven to be effective with those suffering. However, Western Medicine uses stimulants that are potent and habit forming. While many have been helped by scientific studies, we cannot deny that holistic practise, like ozone therapy benefits, can not be denied. So what are the top reasons why Western Medicine may not be for you?

  • Uses Dangerous Drugs With Side Effects
  • Often Involves Surgical Procedures
  • Is Closed Minded to Natural Approaches

Daring To Be Different

When dealing wth acupressure, acupuncture and other holistic practises, it’s easy to see that people are in better health when they utilise these methods. Stem cell studies have also been something that is a big controversial in Western Medicine, and stem cell side effects have been duly notated. Rather than focusing on the science, sometimes we have to extend faith just a bit and know that sometimes it is not always the best answer. For centuries, the Indians have used herbs and other natural products to help them “doctor” each other. Though we cannot deny that significant advances have been made in modern medicine, we also cannot deny that sometimes it doesn’t solve all the problems. Today, people are more open than ever into finding alternatives to deal with their ailments that don’t involve such evasive procedures.

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