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There are many different medicine theories that are practiced today. Each of these branches of medicine are used in one form or another by medical professionals all over the world. The four common types of medicine theories that are used in modern times are Western, Eastern, Holistic (Alternative) or Integrative (Alternative).
Each of these different medical foundations have their strengths and weakness. However, Western Medicine is currently considered the best type in the world. Why? Because Western medicine is founded on facts, procedures and processes that can be effectively proven and used to treat a wide variety of people, ailments, injuries, diseases and conditions.

Western Medicine depends on Proven Research

Research is the key to Western medicine. Many medical researchers and scientists collaborate at American universities and research medical facilities to find different cures and treatments for the millions of problems and issues that are related to the body. When the average person is affected with a cold or has a cut or scrape; researchers have figured out practical ways to help alleviate these conditions. Physicians, surgeons, doctors, nurses and support staff will learn the proper methods for treating and healing people with colds and minor scrapes. Medical staff will also be trained about different types of medications and how they affect their and how to administer them to patients. Western Medicine operates on the following principles:

  • Scientific research
  • Proven cures
  • Proven procedures for treating common injuries
  • Practical medical applications that can be used for all people
  • Medicines that heal the body or regulate symptoms

Is Western Medicine your Best Alternative for Treatment and Healing?

Most people in the world honestly believe that western medicine is the best on the planet. However, Western medicine does have its shortcomings. Western medicine is too constricted to what works. In some cases, western solutions to certain ailments, conditions and diseases might not be the best approach. Western medicine also relies heavily on pharmaceuticals instead of natural remedies which could provide the same healing benefit without the artificial medical ingredients. Western medicine is best suited for serious diseases such as cancer and HIV and for serious conditions. When you have to decide to use conventional western medicine you should take into consideration your specific health problem. Ask yourself the question if another branch of medicine would be practical for your healing. Western medicine is practiced in all major cities in the U.S., Canada and Europe and conventional medicine Miami is just one major city that has medical facilities for this purpose.

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