Friday, September 25, 2020

Western medicine is the basic and conventional medicine you are probably already familiar with. Most doctors in the West, base their practices off of conventional medicine. This is why it has gained the name “Western medicine”. But Western medicine, as we know it, has begun to incorporate aspects of Eastern medicine into its regime. Eastern medicine is also known as alternative medicine. Milk thistle, in a famous example, is part of alternative medicine – but has been scientifically proven to work, and thus has been incorporated into Western medicine. Conventional Western medicine miami recognizes milk thistle as the only cure for some liver ailments. Vitamin IV therapy is another alternative treatment that can be found at your local holistic healing center.

Ancient and Modern Medicine

Milk thistle is one of many ancient remedies that is still alive in modern times. Milk thistle has been known to treat many liver conditions, and is a superpower for the liver. It has been known to lower cholesterol as well, in patients with type 2 diabetes. Another common ancient therapy is acupuncture, which comes from Ancient China. Ancient medicine in India, known as Ayurveda is still used today, globally, though packaging processes have been called into question when high doses of poisonous metals were found in the herbal remedies. On that note, always be sure you can trust your source of herbal ayurvedic medicine. With modern times, it’s more than possible to combine therapy practices, in what is known as integrative medicine.

Integrative therapy could look like…

  • Radiation therapy combined with meditation
  • Surgery followed up with light yoga
  • Mental illness paired with guided spiritual meditation

Alternative Therapies Win

More and more these days, people are turning to alternative medicine over conventional medicine. Something about healing the mind, body, and soul, as well as healing one’s self naturally, is mighty appealing to people these days. Not everyone fancies the harsh chemicals used by conventional medicine, in the medicine itself. Many people believe healing is a natural process, and so healing should always begin naturally. Plus, there is the added benefit that in alternative medicine, doctors educate the patients, care about their well-being, and help them form a plan of wellness that helps the patient prevent illness in the first place. That’s something Western medicine and papa pharmacy won’t be offering for a long, long time!

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