Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Conventional Western Medicine usually refers to treatments that include pharmacuetical drugs, radiation and surgery to treat symptoms and diseases and is used by doctors and other healthcare professionals including therapists, nurses and pharmacists. It is referred to by other names such as biomedicine, othodox and mainstream medicine and allopathic medicine. Of course, these traditional treatment methods are also called “Old School” by the youth of the community and practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine. Now some treatements thought of as CAM (complementary and alternative medicines) are coupled with conventional medicine and recognized as safe, relatively inexpensive and effective parts of overall medical treatment. Some treatements once considered alternative and complementary has become a part of conventional old school medical treatments. One such supplement is fish oil. Cardiologist and physicians use fish oil to improve heart health by reducing triglycerides. This supplement can be bought over the counter and is also available by prescription. Another supplement, digitalis, is a leaf that has been used to treat heart probles for centuries. Conventional medicine also uses it in the form of a pill. More CAM therapies are becoming a part of main stream medicine.

CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Treatments

Although not considered “Old School” traditional Western medical practices there are treatments that are being used to relieve symptoms and improve overall health that come under the heading of CAM. Three such treatments are:

  • Medical Ozone Therapy: Its benefits comes from cells getting the optimal amout of oxygen. It boosts the natural immune system with no to very few side effects ad improves healing in conditions associated poor circulation, chronic infections, and inflamation.
  • Plaquex Treatments: Used for the treatment of atherosclerosis, it removes fatty plaques and cholesterol deposits from arteries and blood vessels that causes blocked arteries. It is composed of essential phospholipids from soybeans.
  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy: This therapy is most commonly used for bone healing and uses directed pulsed magnetic fields through the injured tissue to stimulate healing. Several stimulation devices has been approved by the FDA as complementary aids in bone repair.

Merging Medical Practices

CAM include nutritional, chiropractic, acupuncture and naturopathy medical practices. The hope is that as medicine evolves more and more CAM practices will be used with traditional “Old School” main stream modern practices to relieve symptoms and treat diseases. Patients can take a more pro-active part in their medical care by using basic principles like proper exercise, diet, sleep and stress management as well as finding out if you would benefit from using and adding complementary and alternative practices to your current medical treatment. Find out if current alternative and complementary therapies and treatments have positive results for treating your ailments and conditions.

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