Thursday, October 22, 2020

When exploring Western medicine sometimes there are ancient remedies that are beginning to be used in the Western world. One of these is milk thistle. It is being tested now in the U.S. to see if it’s safe and effective in many aliments. It’s also being tested in certain kinds of cancer, to lower cholesterol, and reducing blood sugars in type 2 diabetes. If milk thistle is found to be of use in cancer patients it could eliminate the need for stem cell transplant with the side effects of stem cells.

Ancient World Meets Western World

Milk thistle is recorded as being used as far back as the 4th Century B.C. It was used to treat liver aliments. In the last 40 years there has been testing and research on Milk Thistle that has confirmed that it helps the liver and the body against all types of damage. European doctors prescribe Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle is being proven to be helpful in liver problems and is being tested to see if it may help fight cancer. Studies done to use it to lower blood sugar in Type 2 Diabetics found it lowered cholesterol in the patients. But, there has been no test to prove that it lowers cholesterol in non-diabetics. Milk Thistle side effects are few. Some experience stomach upset or diarrhea.

New Hope for Cancer Patients from the Ancient World to the Western World

Test are being done to prove that Milk Thistle will help cure or treat many types of Cancer. At the current time there are many different therapies for cancer. Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are not the only therapies being used. Stem Cell therapy is used in many cancers that are being tested with the use of Milk Thistle. Stem Cell therapy sometimes helps in a patients fight against cancer and it can sometimes put the cancer in remission. However, there are many side effects of stem cell therapy or transplants:

  • Organ Damage
  • Infertility
  • Infections
  • Cataracts
  • Graft-versus-host disease (allogeneic transplant only)
  • Stem cell (graft) failure

This is just the side effects for the transplant itself; there are also many side effects to the conditioning process for the procedure, such as: Nausea, vomiting, mouth sores and hair loss. There are even side effects to the preservative used in the freezing of the stem cells. If milk thistle is proven to be effect in fighting cancer and is as effective as stem cell therapy, the side effects of alternative therapy for these cancers will be reduced to stomach upset and maybe diarrhea.

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