Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The conventional western medicine has been referred to as medicine that is based on evidence. Evidence-based medicine had come about from Western civilization. This would be referring to countries that had been either settled by Europeans or populated by them. The term evidence based medicine is the idea and the effort that conventional medicine Miami roots itself within scientific methods that are based and supported by scientific research. This includes facts. The evidence would include:

  • Independent observers
  • Measurement
  • Reasoning

Taking a Closer Look

The evidence is a vital component within this Medicine. Western medicine includes various treatments that incorporate medications along with the various methods that have been developed and are if full compliance with the traditional scientific standards for the use of chemotherapy, radiation, medications, physical therapies, and surgeries. These are a sample of the traditional treatments that may be used in Western medicine. The staff in Western medicine includes the entire team of therapists, doctors, nurses, and other certified and trained medical staff. The medicine practitioners all work together to devise a plan to determine the best care for the patient. There are many who work in teaching and research facilities that strive to constantly keep updated on the latest new treatments and medicines that are available. These individual are a group of team players that strive to provide the best medical care for the patient.

Safety and Protocol

Western medicine is known to have a long history of using several types of treatment protocols. Safety and protocol are incorporated. When a new drug comes out or a new treatment is going to be used for the public there must be a testing process included. This would be an extensive process that uses laboratory testing and several layers of patient testing as well. This is a process that includes a protocol that assures that safety is a priority in all medications and treatments that are made available. This is lengthy and may be a time consuming process. These clinical trials will allow patients to take advantage of any new treatments and medications once they have received the official approval to ensure that they are safe and effective for the patient.

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