Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Western medicine refers to the traditional or mainstream medicine offered today in western countries. The west consists of the USA, Canada and most of Europe. This medicine primarily consists of the prescriptions of medicine in the form of pills, injections, surgery and radiation.

Western medicine and therapies are often strongly based upon scientific principles and are heavily regulated by organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. For example, new drugs must undergo a rigorous process that involves clinical trails, research studies and documented evidence that the treatment is effective in curing a disease or symptom. It must also show that it is safe or that the benefits outweigh the negative side effects associated with the medicine. Only once a drug or treatment procedure has passed all of these requirements can it be approved and sold within the United States.

Alternative And Combined Treatments In Miami

Sometimes traditional western medicine and therapies are ineffective. This often leads people to look for alternative therapies such as holistic healing. A holistic treatment is one that tries to use natural methods of treatment instead of drugs, surgery or injections. Acupuncture Miami is an example of a holistic treatment procedure. There are many benefits to using a holistic treatment such as acupuncture. These include the following:

  • Additional Relief From Symptoms And Pain
  • An Alternative Treatment To Expensive And Possibly Dangerous Drugs Or Procedures
  • A Way Of Addressing The Root Cause Of A Problem Instead Of Focusing Only On The Symptoms

A good place to start looking for alternative treatments is at an center integrative medicine. These are places which combine both western medicine and therapies while alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage and yoga.

The Main Points For Western Medicine And Therapies

Remember that just because western medicine has some downsides, it can still be highly effective in treating a condition. In fact, western medicine is your best bet for treating most conditions. Here are the 7 benefits to western medicine. The first is that it is often highly effective and the second is that is must be proven to be safe or that the benefits outweigh the risks. The third benefit is that it is often covered by insurance plans, where alternative treatments may be not. Additional benefits are that western medicine has a lot of practitioners and can found almost everywhere. Western medicine also offers quick results whereas natural treatments can take a long time to see any results. Other benefits include the ability to cure deadly diseases such a cancer through the removal of tumors. Western medicine and therapies are also the only effective option at times for serious illness or chronic diseases such as diabetes for example.

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