Sunday, September 20, 2020

Conventional Western Practices of medicine are the types of medical treatment that North America and Europe primarily use. This type of practice includes the use of drugs and surgery to correct the symptoms associated with illness. This type of medical treatment does not include alternative or complimentary forms of treatment. Allopathic is the medical terminology used to name Western or Conventional forms of medicine. Sometimes this form of treatment is also referred to as Scientific medicine, Orthodox medicine, Mainstream Medicine or Biomedicine. It should be understood that with Allopathic or Conventional Western Medicine, like other forms of medical practices, not all treatments have been researched through extensive clinical trials.

Facts about Conventional Western Practices

  • Conventional Western Practices include all types of treatment including chemotherapy, physical therapy, and radiation.
  • Doctors, nurses, and physical, occupational and respiratory therapists are all considered to be practitioners of western medicine.
  • Lack of quality face-time is a common complaint made by patients of doctors who practice western medicine.
  • Prescription drugs can be attributed to the 4th largest amount of deaths in the United States.
  • Western medicine focuses on the theory that people become sick because they contract a disease and does not focus on the person that becomes sick.

Seeking Conventional Western Practices used along with Alternative Techniques

If you Google Conventional Western Medicine Miami you will find that Dr. Dayton of Dayton Dandes Medical Center believes in benefiting from the advances in scientific advances while still adhering to alternative therapies in order to provide patients with a more complete healing process. This method of medical procedures is referred to as “Cam.” Dr. Dayton’s approach is detailed in the book, “Defeat Cancer.” He is affiliated with Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, Aventura, Fla, and is the director of Dayton Medical Center. Roughly 20 per cent of Dayton’s patients suffer from Cancer. He believes that by following parts of both Eastern and Western medical practices a patient has a better chance for recovery.

Attacking the disease is a great way to start improving one’s health, however, attacking the disease while healing the person’s psyche is doubling the chance for recovery and limiting the chances of a future relapse.

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