Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Conventional Western Medicine is a set of medicine and therapies that are meant for curing a disease. It is backed-up by scientific evidence and came about as a result of westernization. This form of medicine is based on the belief that an illnesses is caused by a disease and that is what needs to be cured. It focuses on the diagnosis and alleviation of symptoms. This form of medicine concentrates on eliminating the disease rather than treating the individual. In its treatment, it utilizes the use of surgeries, therapies, medications and psychological advice. For this reason, the psychiatrists involved in the administration of conventional western medicine should be extra careful. Otherwise, slight errors in the administration could lead to fatal results. In the recent past, there has been efforts to integrate conventional western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine. This is referred to as naturopathic medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

So, what is traditional chinese medicine? It is a form of medicine that is based on the traditional medicine practices of china. It includes a wide range of therapies and therapies. Traditional Chinese medicine has advanced over the years, and is even being incorporated in modern western treatments. It includes;

  • Acupunctures  – Acupunctures refer to the insertion of fine needles along body meridians so as to facilitate a balanced flow of energy.
  • Herbal medicine – Herbal medicine involves the administration of herbal formulas to treat an illness. This herbal formulas are used as an alternative to western medicine.
  • Massage therapies – This is another form of traditional Chinese medicine which involves the exertion of pressure on specific body points to relief pain and fatigue.
  • Dietary therapies and exercises – This are aimed at restoring the body wellness by alleviating deficiencies and enhancing a healthy lifestyle.

Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine involves the use of both traditional Chinese medicine with conventional western medicine. The aim of this medicine is to maximize the results of treatments. It brings about wellness of the body, mind and spirit. Integrative medicine ensures that not only the disease is treated, but also, it is underlying cause. It is based on the principles of not causing harm, treatment of the whole person, teaching the patient to treat themselves. It is more safe and efficient in enhancing health and ensuring a quality life. Integrative medicine can be accessed at any integrative medicine center.

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