Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Western medicine is a theory of medical procedures that uses proven methods to diagnose, treat and cure people. This branch of medicine relies heavily upon research, practical processes and pharmaceutical drugs. Many countries throughout the world prescribe to western medical practices. People find that western medicine gives people a high quality of healthcare and it extends life expectancy. These are some of the primary benefits of western medicine and there are many more. The following 11 benefits of western medicine and therapies will be outlined below. This way people can get a better idea about how useful this form of medicine for their overall health.

Primary Benefits of Western Medicine

Proven medical research is one of the biggest bonuses of western medicine. Universities and hospitals within many different western nations thoroughly evaluate a medical procedure or treatment before prescribing it to patients. They ensure that a procedure works and is practical for healing people. Another benefit of western medicine is its safety protocols. Procedures and drugs are constantly evaluated to determine their safety and effectiveness for patients. Trained medical personnel are crucial to the use of western medicines. Trained medical professional ensures optimal patient care from people who know what they are doing. A fourth benefit of western medicine has to do with the evaluation of drugs. All pharmaceuticals being prescribed and sold to patients must be thoroughly screened for safety and effectiveness. Western medical professionals typically work as a team to provide the best care to patients. Clinical trials help to determine suitable use for standard practices. Other benefits include:

  • Surgical procedures.
  • Medical review board.
  • Focused on the physical body and does not deal with concepts such as the soul, “energies” or spirit.

Therapies for Western Medicine

The last two benefits of western medicine include various therapies for different types of diseases and its strict reliance on science. Diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular problems and degenerative diseases can be rigorously combated with the use of therapies such as chemotherapy, ozone and stem-cell. All of these therapies have many benefits for the body. For example ozone therapy benefits include detoxing the body and reducing the chances of contracting cancer. While many therapies such as stem cell are great for getting rid of cancer related diseases they also have some shortcomings. The side effects of stem cells include nausea, vomiting and fatigue. Some therapies can even be used to lower cholesterol for patients who are suffering from cardiovascular problems or bad health conditions. Western medicine’s strict reliance on science is necessary for helping patients to live longer, to get the best care possible and to properly heal.

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