Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Vitamin C has some very useful applications as far as health is concerned. It has been known for some time that Vitamin C helps to alleviate symptoms of the common cold. In addition, Vitamin C may also help to boost the immune system. This is the reason why most multi-vitamins contain some form of vitamin C.

It has also been discovered that Vitamin C can help the skin to look younger and feel better. Some facial creams do contain Vitamin C. In some respects Vitamin C can help to slow signs of aging. Many times Collagen is combined with Vitamin C and sold as an anti-wrinkle cream for the face as well as the eyes.

Chinese Herbs and Remedies

Chinese herbal remedies have been used for hundreds of years. Herbal remedies include various seeds, bark , herbs and leaves. The Chinese have developed compounds from natural sources in hopes of curing or controlling certain ailments.

Chinese herbs in the past have been used to treat a number of ailments which include:

  • Poor Eyesight
  • Blood/ anemic disorders
  • Vitamin Health issues
  • Prevention of Cancer

Other Therapies and Medicines

Cupping Therapy Miami has been used as a means of controlling certain kinds of pain as well as inflammation. Cupping has been used many times by people who also relied upon acupuncture. Cupping involves the use of a glass type object that creates a suction. The glass is then placed on the painful or problem area in an attempt to bring the patient relief.

Ayurvedic Medicine is a kind of Holistic Medicine. This type of medicine focuses solely on mind, body and spirit in attempt to gain control of certain illness. Essentially, it focuses on the belief that we can heal our own ailments through a kind of mind control or willing disease out of the body.

Basically, anything that interferes with daily healthy living must be eliminated in order to live a clean and healthy life. This type of medicine does not have enough literature to date to support any cures or relief from any illness.

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