Sunday, September 27, 2020

The history of vitamin therapy can be traced back to the early 1930‘s. Studies were conducted among researchers who administered high doses of vitamins iv to test subjects. It was sometimes called “Megavitamin” therapy in the 1930‘s. Physicians had thought that iv vitamin therapy may help prevent serious illness and even disease. This was based on the belief that nutrients would nourish the body and possibly prevent a person from becoming seriously ill. Various vitamins were tested and some positive conclusions were good news to mainly physicians. For example, high doses of vitamin C were tested and some positive results were documented.

Vitamin C Therapy Benefits

  • Vitamin C can help reduce frequency of colds.
  • Vitamin C therapy can reduce the severity of flu symptoms.
  • Vitamin C can improve appearance of the skin and overall complexion.
  • May prevent certain tumors from spreading to other organs.

Vitamin E therapy indicates that it may be useful in helping those who are prone to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, larger than usual doses of vitamin E may help heart patients in some ways. Again, vitamin E is certainly no cure for cardiovascular disease.

Other Therapies

Other therapies such as plasma rich platelet therapy may be quite useful to someone suffering from a low platelet count. Low platelet count can be brought upon by serious disease such as Cancer. However, one platelet therapy is initiated it can help raise plasma levels to where they need to be for the patient to function on a healthier level.

Chelation therapy is another form of therapy which is called alternative therapy or medicine. This form of therapy attempts to remove heavy metals from the system. Heavy metals can be quite harmful to humans. EDTA is injected directly into the bloodstream in an attempt to remove toxic heavy metals from the bloodstream. Chelation therapy side effects may include fever, headache, nausea, dizziness. Therefore, caution should be used before trying any therapy of this nature.

IPT therapy is an abbreviation for Insulin Potentiation Therapy. This form of therapy combines two drugs in an attempt to treat late stage Cancer patients. Basically, insulin and a chemotherapy drug are combined and given to a cancer patient by way of IV. No conclusive results exist that prove this form of therapy is effective.

Vitamin therapies since the 1930′ s are still being used today. Keep in mind therapies of this nature are alternative treatments which have conclusive evidence that they work to fight serious disease. However, it doesn’t hurt to take vitamins as a daily supplement. Physicians will administer vitamin shots to a patient of he or she feels the patient will in fact benefit from treatment. For example, vitamin B-12 is said to help a person feel better, more energetic as well as improve overall health.

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