Sunday, September 20, 2020

Since the advent of Dr. Linus Pauling’s radical research with vitamin C, there isn’t a more popular vitamin than C. It has become the base or foundation of every household’s medicine cabinet. It is included in virtually every multi vitamin, powders, drinks, and tablets. There is yet another method a person can utilize when taking vitamin C, and that is through an IV. This process is called Vitamin IV.

Dr. Martin Dayton is the medical director of the Dayton Medical Clinic in Miami, Florida, who is also a practitioner of vitamin IVs. Dr. Dayton employs a blend of traditional and alternative medicine, designed to give more holistic care to his patients. Dr. Martin believes that his education and experience helping people, give him a unique perspective on human health. Through his many experiences dealing with his patients, he has found the use of vitamin IVs to be a helpful form of healing to the human body.

An IV is an abbreviation for intravenous, which means “within a vein”. Virtually everyone who has ever been sick or has been to the hospital, has had an vitamin IV in their arm. This therapy is designed to put medicine or essential fluids into the bloodstream, thereby hastening the therapeutic process. Compared with other methods of taking medicine, IV therapy is the fastest.

Vitamin C is synonymous with ascorbic acid, and as stated earlier, is probably the most popular vitamin in the world. The reason it is so popular, is because of the many different things it can do for the body. It is known for its antioxidant properties, which take care of free radicals in the body. Science has shown that free radicals are linked to aging and are the cause of most of the harmful effects the body has to endure daily. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Reducing inflammation is critical for the body to remain healthy and reduce daily pain. Many people take over the counter medicine in order to relieve the symptoms of inflammation, but they don’t necessarily cure the root problem. Vitamin C can also be used to treat hepatitis, burns, bacterial infections, extreme fatigue, brain fog and many other maladies.

Vitamin C IV therapy is one of many alternative remedies that Dr. Martin Dayton has found beneficial to his patients. Medicine clinics around the world are opening their eyes to a more holistic approach to medicine, instead of just handing out pain medication to alleviate the symptoms. Vitamin C IV is designed to quickly get the healing agent into your system in order to fix the root problem.

There is no reason to be afraid of vitamin IVs, as they are safe. Dr. Linus Pauling, mentioned earlier, even believed in taking mass doses of vitamin C and would prescribe them in such a manner. However, there is usually no need to prescribe mass dosages, but only what the body needs. Caution should be used, however, for those who have kidney impairment or a condition named glucose 6pd.

The results of vitamin IV therapy, results in a feeling of well being and increases performance.

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