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Most people think of vitamin C as an effective tool for fighting off the common cold. The fact of the matter is that vitamin C can be used for a whole lot more than that. The list of ailments that can benefit from using vitamin C therapy include Pneumonia, Leukemia, High Cholesterol and many more. Some of these ailments may also be served through the use of milk thistle. Similar to vitamin C therapy, the list of milk thistle benefits is a who’s who of diseases. It is more widely known for treating problems with the liver. Diabetes and cholesterol have also received praises for its use.

Food For Thought

If you have been in an accident and experienced an injury to the head chances are pretty good that you would be introduced to a team of head trauma specialists. You might end up asking the question “what is neurofeedback therapy.” The short answer is that it is a therapy used to help improve function in the brain. More often than not neurofeedback is used in concert with psychotherapy to produce astounding results. Whether your brain stops functioning due to an accident or some other reason, steps to put things back into place can be a challenge. This is a non-invasive procedure that generally lasts for about 30 minutes. Most people agree that after the session they feel less stressed.

Some Uses For Vitamin C Therapy

  • Alcoholism – uncontrollable need to consume alcohol.
  • Arthritis – a disease that primarily affects the bones and joints.
  • Heat Stroke – usually accompanied by fever and could render the patient unconscious.
  • Diabetes – a disease that affects the pancreas and the ability to handle sugar and glucose.

Side Effects To Consider

Most medications have a few side effects that need to be addressed. Some therapy options also come with side effects to think about. It has been suggested that ozone therapy should be considered as an option for treating ulcers, Macular degeneration, and Cancer. There are a few ozone therapy side effects that should be considered before choosing that path. There is limited data on interactions that may be caused through the use of ozone therapy. It should be noted that if it is used intravenously the patient could experience clotting in the lung and eventually die. There is no question that some of these therapies can be excellent resources as treatment options but it is important to know about the side effects before starting the procedure.

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