Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Vitamin C Therapy is a well debated topic, and swimming in mystery as people wonder what it really does to those who take it. On one side, doctors believe this powerful therapy can kill cancerous cells in the body – on the other hand, some doctors can’t justify or prove its ability to kill cancer cells at all. Assuming it does work, vitamin C therapy has side effects that are just as questionable as milk thistle seed side effects. One of many theories suggest that Vitamin C simply empowers the immune system – especially when the patient has a low immune system to begin with, or of those who struggle with lowering cholesterol.

Similar Therapies That Can Improve Overall Health

Vitamin C Therapy is one of many kinds of therapies offered, to help prevent and treat disease and ailments. Stem Cell Therapy can help many types of ailments, especially when a part of the body such as bones, joints, or organs become weaker. Stem cells have the magic ability to regenerate cells. Stem cell injections for arthritis help rebuild joints and ultimately relieve pain.

Neurofeedback Therapy is another therapy that involves the the stimulation and healing of the brain, promoting its full function. Other therapies can include ozone therapy, which can help with cancer and other ailments such as diabetes, and plaquex therapy which is used to treat cancer of the eyes.

Vitamin C Has Been Known To…

  • Reduce stress
  • Prevent development in colds
  • Reduce the risk of stroke
  • Slow aging process
  • Superpower the immune system

It’s Worth It

Vitamin C is essential to healthy living, and should be supplemented in everyday life. Because most people don’t supplement vitamin C, disorders such as anxiety and depression can make an already bad health situation worse. Cancer can be treated with vitamin C, which is why vitamin C therapy is a good alternative option for patients. Talk to your holistic doctor, or a clinic you trust, to find out how much vitamin C you should be supplementing each day. Too much vitamin C can be harmful, and not enough vitamin C won’t be helpful at all. If you are a cancer patient, discuss the benefits of vitamin C therapy with your local clinic.

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