Monday, September 21, 2020

Vitamin c has for so long been used by physician to remedy health conditions of the patients. The problem has however been physicians have always on the logger heads on the believe that is taken by some that vitamin c can kill cancer cells. Whether it kills cancer cells or not the one thing that remains true about vitamin c is that they are used to boost the immune system of an individual. What happens when the immune system is boosted is that the body has the strength to kill and fight infections however excessive ingestion of vitamin c can cause side effects like diarrhea and dizziness.

What are other related therapies?

Massage lymphatic drainage therapy is one therapy that is so rampantly employed. What this involve is that they base their healing on the fact that lymphatic system is among the most important systems in the body and what happens is that because they do not have a pump like the heart to circulate the lymph, there is need for what is called lymphatic massage.

Moxibustion therapy is also another form of therapy that is related to vitamin c. It originates from china, and it involves the burning of the leaves of a mugwort plant around the surface of the skin. This is believed to have medicinal value on the QI of the patient that are supposed to carry out pathogenic influences.

Another therapy that widely used is one called milk thistle seed therapy. This is also originated from China and what happens is that its seeds are used for medicinal values in the remedy of liver damages. The problem, however, is that they come with side effects. Milk thistle seed side effects include:


The fact that all of the above therapies can be used to remedy health situation doesn’t mean that we should go about having them subjected to us anyhow. There is need to consider the quality of whoever is handling your health. The reason why this is emphasized is due to the fact that most of these therapies comes with side effects. The side effects are normally a product of poor handling of the patients by the physicians. It is advisable for one to always insist on high quality and expertise whenever they want one of these therapies done to them.

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