Saturday, September 26, 2020

Vitamin C enriched foods have long been used for their many health benefits including protection against eye diseases, problematic skin condition, cardio vascular disease, and prenatal health problems. Within recent times however, a great deal of interest has been developing in the possible use of mega doses of IV vitamin C to fight the growth of cancer cells in the body. The results of the trials showed that the cancerous cells were killed by the administration of vitamin C, but the healthy non-cancerous cells were not affected. While the trials conducted on mice and human ovarian cancer cells have been encouraging, the study of intravenous doses of vitamin C on cancer cells is far from conclusive.

Treatment of Major Diseases with Vitamin C

The intravenous administration of vitamin C to fight diseases is a practice that has been done by various doctors since the early 1940’s. There have been documented cases of patients who have forgone the typical chemotherapy and radiation treatment following the removal of cancerous tissue in their bodies. These patients opted to change to a more organic diet, use nutritional supplements and get regular weekly infusions of high doses of vitamin C straight into her veins. Doctors who administered high doses of infused vitamin C, reported that their patients saw greater improvements in their conditions when compared to patients who were treated with just vitamin C pills and supplements.

The vitamin C acts in the same manner as a toxic drug causing diseased cells in the body to produce additional amounts of hydrogen peroxide, in this way helping the immune system locate unhealthy cells. The unhealthy cells are attacked, but the healthy cells remain unharmed. Infused vitamin C was also used with patients who underwent conventional radiation and chemo therapies following removal of cancerous tumors. The side effects of these therapies were greatly lessened following the vitamin C infusion. Alternative treatments make different treatments very possible.

High dose vitamin C benefits have been observed following the treatment of over 30 different diseases including:
• Chronic fatigue
• Certain cancers (lung, breast, colon, lymphoma, and prostate)
• Pancreatitis
• Bladder Infections
• Diabetes

How Safe are Large Doses of Vitamin C?

Even in high dosage, the use of vitamin C is very safe. It was used to treat and prevent kidney stones. The findings showed no production of acid or uric stones, or any significant increase in the patient’s oxalate levels. Doctors using high doses of vitamin C infusion typically use about 30,000 mg daily or 350 to 700 mg/ kg patient weight each day.

A great more research and documentation continues to be done on the usefulness of large doses of vitamin C in treating serious diseases, and it is not unusual for a cure or medical treatment to take years to become fully accepted as standard medical practice (in 1753 it was known that eating fresh fruits cured scurvy, but it was not acknowledged by governments for another 100 years).

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