Sunday, October 25, 2020

Vitamin c is a paramount vitamin, and it is soluble in water. The vitamin is popular for its high antioxidant properties, safety, and also low pricing. When given as supplements or iv rehydration, it can get rid of symptoms of common cold. Vitamin c can also be used to control the spread of diseases in a healthy population. This is because vitamin c is a good pro-oxidant and also antioxidant. The body requirements of the patient are the one that mostly determines on how the vitamin will be administered. The vitamin c is known to get rid of free radicals that are present in the body. These free radicals can be very stubborn in the body because they are known to be the leading cause of many diseases like cancer. In holistic healing center, vitamin c is most of the time used as a reference point during the research on antioxidants. It gets rid of ailments that are related to depression and neurology. Its interaction with the pancreas is right, and it is important in the modulation of the cortisol. Vitamin c has a high antioxidant property that boosts the blood flow, therefore, offering the neuroprotective properties. It is good for men health because it is known to preserve the testosterone that ensures the testes are protected from oxidative stress.


Symptoms of vitamin c deficiency may include gum inflammation, the splitting of hair, and low rate of wound healing. When the vitamin c levels in the body are low, the following diseases may occur:
• Cancers
• High blood pressure
• Gall bladder diseases
• Heart attack
To avoid such conditions, it is important for a person to ensure that you have eaten foods that will ensure that the body is supplied with enough levels of vitamin c.


Poor diet is the leading cause of the vitamin c deficiency. When people consume vitamin c antagonists, it is likely to result in vitamin c deficiency. It is something that has been observed from people who have high amounts of copper in their blood system. Such individuals do not reach the optimum amounts of vitamin c in their bodies. Lack of vitamin c hence compromises their health since the vitamin is required to boost growth and also to repair worn out body organs. Therefore, nutritional therapy is important because the will be used in the manufacture of collagen that is an important component of ligaments, skin, blood vessels, and cartilages.

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