Sunday, September 27, 2020

Vitamin c therapy has been the center of controversy for quite a while now. This is because of the fact that while some physicians believes that vitamin c has the ability to kill cancer cells, some of them argue against it believing that vitamin c is merely used to boost the immune system of a person. What happens when the immune system is boosted is that e body tends to have a higher ability to deal with infections. It thus makes one and having a better chance to maintain their health.

What are the relate therapies?

Some of the related therapies include traditional Chinese therapy. And just what is traditional Chinese medicine? Someone might ask you and you may realize that you have no idea about it. Chinese medicine lie the name suggest is a traditional type of medication whose origin is from china. It is basically a holistic healing method and doesn’t involve much of clinical matters. The role of the physicians here is to make way for the healing of the patients and to create a humble environment for the healing process.

Alternative medical on the other hand is not much different from holistic healing. The role of the physician in this case is to create harmony between the spirit and the body. It is looking into the core causal factors of a disease and seeking to remedy it with the best therapies there can be. The role of the physician as well in this case is to make the way of healing to the patient one that is very easy and to remove issue that might barricade the way to fullness of health.

Gh3 gerovital is another form of therapy that is encompassed. What happens in this case is that works to suppress the physical nature of aging factors from an individual. It gives one the features of looking younger than they actually are. The following are its roles in eh body:

  • Maintaining balance of various systems in the body
  • Cleaning of blood vessels
  • Restoration of MAO levels to normalcy


Whatever form of therapy that you have your way, it is always good to insist on quality services. The reason as to why quality is emphasized is because of the fact that some of them, comes with high levels of side effects. These side effects are normally out of poor subjection of therapies by the physician thus the need to involve professionals.

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