Wednesday, September 23, 2020

For many years modern medicine has relied on the theory that man made medicines and antibiotics are what is necessary to treat the body, illnesses and infections. Most medicines are effective in doing just that, however, many side effects of modern day medicines are still not known. For this reason many people turn to alternative therapy for their medical issues.

Vitamin C as a Daily Supplement for Alternative Medicine

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for your health. Vitamin C is not naturally made by your system, so it is a nutrient that must be added to your diet. Vitamin C helps to support the immune system, rebuild collagen, and heal wounds. Vitamin C has a short life span so it is important to continually take Vitamin C throughout the day in order to receive the maximum effects of the nutrient.Collagen in your body is formed by a protein that is found in Vitamin C. Collagen is what rebuilds tissue and also helps to heal injuries and keep your body at its peak.Vitamin C is also important to use as a daily supplement because:

  • The positive effects on your teeth and gums
  • Builds red blood cells to maintain iron that is needed for essential oxygen for your body and your energy
  • Assists with digesting food
  • Helps your body to maintain a healthy cholesterol lev
  • Produces white blood cells that help to boost the immune system and fight off infection
  • Is a powerful antioxident which creates free radicals and helps to keep you looking young

Integrative Medicine Center

The Center of Integrative Medicine is a health center where alternative therapy is available. Here, among other things, Ancient Chinese herbal medicine is widely used to treat ailments. Alternative medicine is rapidly growing in popularity because of the unknown side effects of modern medicine and the fact that sometimes modern medicine just does not work. The Chinese have long been known for their different types of alternative therapy and healing abilities.Their different types of alternative therapy and healing abilities. One such therapy is called cupping therapy. Cupping therapy is basically the opposite of massage. Instead of using pressure to massage the muscles inward, cupping therapy uses suction heated suction cups to draw the muscles outward and to stimulate blood flow.This type of therapy in Miami can be found by searching cupping therapy Miami and searching for the Integrative Medicine Center.

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