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Not everyone believes that cures to ailments come from pharmaceutical medications. A very common form of therapy is Nutritional Therapy. This form of therapy is therapy and healing through the natural nutritional value within our food and nutritional vitamins. This alternative therapy is often known as “holistic discipline”. Since the time of Hippocrates, it has been a belief that nutrition is key to good health. This is still the belief today. Today’s trends consist of eating fat-free, low-fat, gluten-free, sodium-free and many other free of this foods. This is not healthy in the long run. What is needed is a healthy balance of all the essential nutrients that your body requires. When entering this type of therapy program there are 4 main components.

These are the 4 key components to Nutrition Therapy.

  • Intake assessment This is simply an assessment of your current nutritional intake. This may include surveys, one on one sessions for recall with your therapist and much more. This is a crucial step in knowing what steps to take moving forward.
  • Dietary Modification This includes the steps for treatment. These may include change of diet, change of intake, change of frequency and many other variables. For severe cases this could also contain parenteral nutrition, and enteral nutrition in addition to nutritional vitamins and supplements on a daily basis.
  • Aftercare- This is the process of followup and maintenance after therapy.
  • Patient education Education process on new nutritional steps and meal preparation and planning. Patient education is key to success in this type of therapy program.

The Benefits to Alternate Treatment Methods and Nutritional Vitamins

There are many benefits to using this alternate form of therapy rather than traditional pharmaceutical medications.One of the main benefits is that you do not have the worry of the harmful side effects that come with traditional pharmaceutical medications. The overall health of your digestive and immune systems will be greatly improved. You will also see healthier skin and an overall increase in energy on a daily basis. This type of therapy is not all about treatment but it is also about prevention. Eating the right foods balanced in the right amounts is the key to the success of this form of therapy. As with any regimen it is also extremely important to exercise as you are able.

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