Thursday, October 1, 2020

Integrative medicine Miami residents use for healing is comprised of alternative treatments and plant medicine. Due to the pharmaceutical industry producing medicines that frequently have a long list of side effects, many people are returning to the old ways of ancient herbal remedies and ayurvedic medicine. These natural healing methods are remarkably effective and often help when traditional medicine can’t. By treating the body as a whole, it helps the body heal itself more easily. Using herbal medicines along side alternative treatments such as acupuncture and cupping strengthens the immune system and reduces toxins in the body.

Facts About Holistic Treatment Possibilities

There is a lot to learn about holistic medical treatments. Four important facts about them that everyone should know include:

  • Holistic medicine can be used for treating almost every disease and illness from asthma to depression.
  • It can be used to alleviate symptoms of illnesses when nothing else seems to work or when the traditional pharmaceuticals usually used are no longer effective.
  • It can also frequently be combined with traditional medicine when symptoms are so severe that modern medicine needs extra help.
  • This alternative form of medicine is natural, but it still needs to be taken carefully.

Who Can Use it

Holistic medicine can be used by people of any age. Some herbal remedies such as chamomile are so gentle that even babies can take it. It is best to check with a certified naturopathic doctor before you take any herbal remedies that you have never tried before. Even though most plant medicine is very safe, interactions can occur between certain plants when they are taken together. Interactions can also occur when certain traditional medicines are taken with herbal remedies. An example of this is a person using blood pressure medicine should probably not take lemon balm because it can lower the blood pressure even more. Alone, lemon balm is frequently used as a blood pressure medicine substitute due to its ability to not only calm high blood pressure but also regulate arrhythmias and comfort the heart.

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