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For many individuals that have debilitating knee osteoarthritis, options for treatment are restricted: physical therapy, joint replacement surgery (replacement alternatives), steroid injections, etc. New cutting-edge options for treatment such as stem cell injections (amniotic membrane) might be utilized to treat those who have degenerative arthritis, rotator cuff tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, and knee osteoarthritis.

For clarification, such stem cells come from an amniotic sac, and not embryos. While a handful of individuals might have ethical problems with embryonic cell treatment, pretty much all people agree that using amniotic stem cell treatment will raise no moral or ethical questions.

How amniotic cell treatment works

A stem cell injection will take advantage of a body’s capability of repairing itself. With amniotic stem cell treatment, a sports medicine doctor will inject stem cells from amniotic tissues within the body. Those stem cells contain anti-inflammatory properties like steroid and cortisone shots. Stem cell therapy, however, will go beyond the advantages of regular ‘injection therapy.’

As cortisone and additional drugs only offer temporary relief of pain, stem cells restore degenerated tissue as they provide relief of pain. The growth factors within amniotic stem cells might replace damaged cells inside the body. Also, such injections will contain hyaluronic acid that lubricates tendons and joints, and eases the pain and helps to restore mobility.

Benefits of amniotic stem cell treatment

Amniotic cell treatment is effective and safe. Here are the many benefits this therapy offers:

  • Amniotic cells will contain no steroids. Injections instead rely upon anti-inflammatory naturally occurring agents like cytokines.
  • Amniotic cells will contain hyaluronic acid that lubricates cartilage, as well as promotes fresh growth of cartilage.
  • Amniotic cells will contain growth factors, stimulating growth of tissue.
  • There isn’t any risk of rejection with amniotic stem cells.
  • Fluid from an amniotic sac is an extremely concentrated stem cell source, making this kind of injection preferable over an embryonic stem cell and an individual’s own stem cells.

Are injections safe?

The answer is yes. Over 10,000 stem cell knee injections have been conducted without one adverse side effect reported. Amniotic stem cell treatment is a preferred kind of stem cell treatment because the cells derive from an immunoprivileged site, meaning that patient-rejection is rare.

The usage of amniotic stem cells is effective, safe and well researched. Such stem cells have been utilized by plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists for around two decades. Every amniotic stem cell donor goes through a strict process of screening, as determined by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks).

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