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Many people experience the painful effects of arthritis and are forced to accept a daily regimen of painkillers in the hopes of getting some kind of relief. One option that has managed to increase in popularity is stem cell injections. There are many procedures such as these that have taken the medical world by storm and glutathione is one of them. Unlike stem cell injections for arthritis, glutathione offers relief for many other ailments. Increased benefits will sometimes increase side effects however; the side effects of glutathione are minimal at best. As with many medications, pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to avoid this procedure. Patients with asthma should be particularly cautious when administering glutathione.

Blood Work

PRP or platelets rich plasma is a treatment that involves the use of certain parts of a patient’s blood. Platelets must be separated from blood that has been drawn from the patient and introduced back into the affected area. It has been suggested that this concentration of platelets will work to speed up the recovery process of the human body. It is particularly useful for patients who may be slow healers or those who need to get back on their feet in a hurry. Choosing PRP as an option will depend on the health of the patient, what part of the body holds the affected area. It also depends on the type of injury and whether it is fresh or it has been around for a while.

Using PRP

• Can be used to speed up recovery time on fractures.
• Muscle injuries have also received considerable success with PRP.
• Patients coming out of surgical procedures have reduced their recovery time when PRP is used.
• PRP may be another treatment option for arthritis in the joints.

Cause for Concern

Patients who have been diagnosed with some kind of heart disease have been offered a variety of treatment options. One of their choices has been Chelation therapy, which involves a dose of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid being delivered through an IV line. The actual success rate of this therapy is yet to be determined, however the list of chelation therapy side effects is cause for concern. Nausea, vomiting, and fever are some of the less critical signs to expect. The most common side effect that concerns members of the medical profession is a burning sensation where the injection is being administered. Other reasons for concern include kidney failure and in more extreme circumstances, the patient will expire.

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