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Considering that most people have heard of Neurofeedback Therapy, the main question that they’ll probably ask is, “What is neurofeedback therapy?” The answer is that it is a specialized kind of feedback that is used to aide in getting brain function back in balance. The electroencephalograph (or EEG) is a prime example of this. It works by placing sensors on the patient’s scalp and displays the brainwave measurements by video or sound. It then gives positive or negative feedback depending on how desirable and adaptive the brain activity is. It is used for many neurological conditions such as ADHD, epilepsy, autism and even depression.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy, on the contrary, is a gas therapy used to treat certain physical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and damaged discs in the spine. In some cases, it is used to prevent dental cavities from worsening. The naturally-occurring chemical in ozone therapy is believed to contain the three main oxygen atoms and it believed to increase antioxidants in the body for patients with conditions such as the three mentioned above. It is a very common practice in many European countries. However, you don’t want to use too much oxygen because it is very toxic to all living organisms and environmentally, is even considered to be one of the major pollutants responsible for the climate change.

However, here are some benefits of Ozone Therapy:

  • Treatment of cancer. Both cancer cells and viruses have been found to be unable to survive in oxygen. Dr. Otto Warburg was the first to find that a serious lack of oxygen at the cellular level is the main pre-condition for the survival of cancer cells.
  • It can slow down the aging process. It has been found that plenty of exposure to sunlight and fresh air alone helps to do that so why not oxygen therapy? Especially if you have a disease that’s considered to be “old age” such as arthritis, stroke or Alzheimer’s.
  • Stimulates the production of white blood cell count. White blood cells are responsible for killing off foreign invader agents and if they don’t have enough oxygen, they don’t function properly.

Stem Cell Injections

Stem cell injection therapy has many benefits. One of these is that there are usually very little in the way of side effects since they’re extracted from cells in healthy human tissue (usually the patient’s own). It offers a new hope for those on transplant waiting lists as the replacement cells help to prevent the viral ones from spreading and several diseases, such as Parkinson’s and juvenile diabetes from worsening. They have been shown to even help reverse the effects of some disease such as that of heart attacks and various genetic defects. They also help burn victims to be able to regrow new and natural tissue from their damaged ones.

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