Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Stem Cell Therapy is a type of cell therapy that utilizes one’s cells and reintroduces them to a damaged or injured body tissue so as to induce healing. Stem cells are used for their ability to renew and also cause regeneration of cells in the applied area. The new cells generated will also have the ability to multiply. Stem cell therapy has a high potential for reducing suffering during an ailment or injury. It also increases the chances of rejuvenating tissues that have been damaged without any rejections. Stem cell alternative therapy so far has so may pros attributed to it. The therapy is, however, not without its disadvantages.


  • Prevention of cancer. One of the advantages of stem cell therapy is that it helps prevent diseases like cancer. This is because it contains a glutathione iv antioxidant component. Also, it may be used alongside high dose vitamin c ivs to kill cancer cells.
  • The Cloning purposes. Stem cell therapy can also be used for cloning and regenerative medicine purposes.


  • The fact that the long-term side effects of stem cell therapy are still unknown is a major disadvantage of the therapy.
  • Cells regeneration limitation. Also, adult stem cells are limited in their regeneration. This means that stem cells from a particular body part will only produce cells of the same kind.
  • Cell rejection chances. Another disadvantage of stem cell therapy is the increased chances of rejection in embryonic treatment. This is because the cells used for the therapy are not from the same body.


The stem cell therapy is still undergoing research and improvements. Stem cell therapy and prp therapy are believed to be the future of treatment for injuries and other disorders. With advancement in technology, it is believed that stem cell therapy will be effective in the cure of type I diabetes, neurological disorders, cancer and cardiac failure. However, as research on stem cell therapy advances, it is important to note the various costs accrued to it so that they do not outweigh the results. I am of the opinion that stem cell therapy is here to prolong and enhance healthy lives. It is, however, important that you note there are no known long-term effects of this therapy term and, therefore, they might be either mild or neutral.

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