Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Stem cell therapy are on the rise and most people are wondering why. It is now offering some competitions to earlier methods like integrative therapy, acupuncture and gerovital injections that were key in treating psycological and physiological conditions. Although, cupping therapy miami us still functional, stem cell therapy in the future might make it unnecessary. Researchers have discovered that harvesting adult stem cells and mixing them with platelet rich plasma yields a formula which is known to be useful in treating musculoskeletal problems like muscle aches and joint pains, a field dorminated by massage therapy.


Research has proven that stem cell therapy is a very promising field and will most likely help in solving some of the world’s ailments that have been untreatable for years. Some of the most immediate benefits seen so far include:
Injuries Rehabilitation – Adult stem cells once injected into the body they initiated the treating and nursing process of joints and muscle injuries like:

  • Ankle and Knee ligaments damage
  • Pain in the shoulders
  • Arthritic hip
  • Carpal tunnel syndrom
  • Achilles pain

Regenerative property – Stem cells are known to induce regrowth of new cells which scientists find believe to be essential in finding new methods of treating diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even diabetes.
Aging Reversal – Stem cell therapies have been effective in reducing the rate at which cells die out. This in turn results in slow aging and prolonging the life of the host.


Although stem cell therapy is a promising field in the medical world, they are a lot of concerns raised surrounding its use, some being ethical and others scientific. Unproven Statistics – Most of the headways made in stem cell research are yet to be documented officially and approved by the FDA and therefore their long term side effects are not known and neither have they been made public. High Cost – Adult stem cells are known to be unique in their own nature. They can only regenerate cells from which they were specifically harvested from. This makes it very expensive to harvest stem cells for different types of muscular ailments. Risk of Disease Inheritance – If you are injected with stem cells that were bot effectively screened for all types of cellular diseases, you run the risk of inheriting diseases like cancer from the donor. Alternative therapies are here for your benefit, use them.

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