Saturday, September 19, 2020

Stem cell therapy is a type of regenerative medicine where cells are introduced to an injured area to repair damaged tissue. Stem cells can renew themselves and multiply by giving rise to other cells. Medical researchers believe that this form of therapy has the ability to treat fatal diseases. This form of treatment can be accessed in an integrated medicine center. The embryonic stem cells are harvested from the inner cell mass of an embryo. Despite the potential that this type of treatment offers, it has its pros and cons just like other holistic therapies.

Stem cell pros include:

Stem cell research also provides an opportunity to control the aging processes by prolonging lives. Research shows that this form of treatment can further slowdown diseases brought by aging. Such diseases are usually fatal and stem cell therapy promises to change all this.

Another pro of stem cell therapy is its contribution to fastening the healing process. Burn victims usually go through immense pain from wounds. Rather than waiting for donor tissues, patients can receive this therapy to produce new tissues. A small piece is used and grown progressively to enable doctors cover the affected area.

Drug testing will be made easier and faster with this form of therapy, which will be advantageous to the pharmaceutical industry. New and untested drugs can be tested on stem cells to confirm their safety before they are tested on animals and human models. A cancerous cell is produced to test the effects of an anti-tumor drug.

Research shows that stem cell therapy has the potential to treat various conditions like Parkinson’s disease that is treated by lymphatic drainage massage Miami specialists.other diseases include:

The cons include:

The harvesting of stem cells involves destroying embryos which some say it is unethical. This is because the human embryo is a living organism that has life and can grow to become a person.

Another shortcoming of this form of therapy is the fact that the long-term side effects are not known yet. This is risky because probably the side effects might be fatal and this raises fear of the unknown.

Embryonic cells are not usually from the same human being and there are situations where the body of the patient can reject the cells. Adult stem cells are disadvantageous because cells from a particular body part can only generate cells of that type.

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