Wednesday, September 30, 2020

More and more people are looking to a mixture of alternative and traditional medicines to take on specific medical problems or to make sure of the good health of the individual. Stem cell therapy has been a major area of medical research in recent years as a number of controversies have been discussed by those who are looking to find the best uses for the burgeoning field of medical study. Stem cells have had a major effect on the future of the medical industry by allowing certain forms of cancer to be fought with a reduced reliance on radiation therapies and synthetically produced medications. The use of stem cells has now been moved into many different areas, including stem cell injections for arthritis.

Conditions treated with stem cell therapies

Stem cell therapies have been found to have positive benefits for many individuals suffering with a variety of medical conditions. These can include many forms of cancer and the treatment of leukemia, plus the chance to treat many bone and muscle issues that are causing pain and suffering on a regular basis. More specific uses of stem cell therapies have also been developed, which include:

  • hair transplants
  • replacing missing teeth
  • regrowing hair cells to solve issues with deafness

In heart related medical conditions the use of stem cell therapies has been shown to have aided the growth of heart muscle cells often damage during heart attacks. In many of these more controversial uses the use of stem cells is often similar to the issues seen the hydrogen peroxide therapy side effects.

Alternative therapies become mainstream

Stem cell therapies are based upon the use of donated cells from within the bone marrow, making these a natural form of therapy that comes from within the human body. Much like neurofeedback therapy for ADHD that looks to make changes to the way the body performs the use of stem cell therapies makes natural changes to the body. Issues with the nervous and immune systems can be handled using stem cell therapies that are used to aid in red cell growth that increases the overall health of the individual.

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