Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The body consist of joints which are connected by ligaments, which is a tissue that supplies the cushioning to the joints. The knees are one of the largest joints in the human body and perhaps one of the most important. The knees connects two components of the human leg, the thigh bone and the shin bone. The knees plays a major part in a person walking along with over all movement of the legs in general. So, when there is pain in the knees it can effect a person’s movement. Sometimes getting rid of the pain isn’t so easy especially given some of the causes of knee pain.

The Causes of Knee Pain

The knees can experience pain, sometimes it can be minor and not effect a person’s over all movement. However, when the pain become moderate and even severe a persons overall function can be cut down considerably. Even the simple task of just standing up from sitting in a chair can become a chore. The causes of the pain can be for different reasons, but usually these are the result of the ligaments within the knees being affected or deteriorated for some reason. This has also been referred to as cartilage. Problems with the knee and its movements can also consist of issues such a popping are locking of the knee, which can prohibit movement even more in the legs. A few of the reasons that could of caused this to happen are as follows:

Treatments for Knee Pain

Depending on the type of pain being experienced and the amount of cartilage loss that will determine the course of treatment for the knee pain. Doctors could place an individual on pain killers for a short period of time if the trauma isn’t too bad. If it moderate then cortisone injections could be recommended. If the damage is severe then an individual could need a knee replacement. But is this the only course of treatment for severe knee damage? Perhaps not turns out that there is now a stem cell therapy knee treatment being done now that has had some success. This one actually will help to rebuild the ligaments in the knee without the evasive surgery by using stem cells knee treatments. So, is the course of treatment readily available? Not yet and certainly not commonly used but who knows in time it could become more used, since we know that stem cell treatments could be the wave of the future.

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