Sunday, September 27, 2020

Myers cocktail is a nutritional cocktail that is made of vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. The cocktail is normally administered intravenously to treat a range of illnesses and disorders. The cocktail contains vitamins that are necessary for boosting the body’s immunity. This therapy can be given to patients who have a deficiency of the above nutrients and are unable to obtain them orally. One of the major benefits of the therapy is treating chronic fatigue. The magnesium in the cocktail promotes muscle and blood vessel relaxation and also reduces muscle spasm. Vitamin B on the other hand is very helpful in the formation of new cells. This means, that if one has an illness, the intake of vitamin B will help in the formation of new healthy cells which is helpful in eliminating a disease. In this way, this therapy is similar to platelet rich plasma.

Other Nutritional Therapies

Depending on the condition that one is suffering from, there other nutritional therapies that can aid in their treatment. Other nutritional therapies include:

• High dose vitamin C therapy
High dose vitamin c therapy involves the intravenous administration of vitamin c. mostly, it is used to treat vitamin c deficiencies in the body. Vitamin c acts to boost immunity hence preventing illnesses. In addition vitamin iv therapy is used in the treatment of cancer.

• Milk thistle seed extract
Milk thistle seed extracts are also used in nutritional therapies. Milk thistle has been used since the ancient timesfor e.g. snake bite and mushroom poisoning. Other milk thistle seed benefits included the treatment of gallbladder and liver issues. This use continues till to date.

• Glutathione therapy
Glutathione therapy involves the intravenous administration of glutathione. It’s effective in the treatment of asthma and Parkinson’s disease.


These nutritional therapies are used either for the treatment of a disease or along with other treatments in order to speed the healing process. However, you can also have this therapy just to enhance your wellbeing and rejuvenate your body. The benefit of these therapies is that they are naturopathic and therefore, only natural ingredients are used. Also, they aim at healing and not adding harm. These therapies have no side effects and hence are suitable for anyone and at any time. However, caution should be taken and one should be tested for any allergies before their administration.

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