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Sometimes we would hear about stem cell therapy but we would realize that we do not have a clue over what they are and what they entails. This article will take you through the basics of stem cell therapy and other related therapies. Stem cell therapy to begin with is the literal transplant of bone marrows. The main issue that causes bone marrow transplant is when an individual develops a sick bone marrow or a bone marrow dies which happens. This therapy involves the careful transfer of bone marrow cells and implanting them into the void left by the removed one. It can also be done from one person to the other or from one part of an individual to another.

What are some of the related therapies?

There are several therapies that are elated to this method of transplanting. The first one is lymphatic drainage therapy. This a method that holds the believe that lymphatic system is among the most important system in a human body. All it needs is a pump to circulate lymph around the body and thus the discovery of lymphatic massage. There are several lymphatic drainage benefits and it includes:

  • General body fitness
  • Increment of blood cells
  • Removal of toxins

Chelating therapy and ipt therapy are other therapies that are involved in this case. Chelation healing involves the use of chelation chemicals to remove heavy metals from the body. When metals accumulate in the blood system of an individual, they pose a lot of danger to their health. What happens thus is that professionals would use chelation chemicals to remove these dangerous metals. Ipt on the other hand stands for insulin potentiated therapy. This method implies the integration of insulin and chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. Insulin is meant to tackle the cell membrane while chemotherapy penetrates and tries to kill it.


It is good to recognize the fact that all these methods of therapies have the ability to remedy a health situation but there has been always the question of quality. What is the intensity of the quality that you attach the physician handling your situation? Some therapies include surgery and what happens is that if care is not taken there is bound to be great side effects. These side effects could be fatal if not dealt with just in time.

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