Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Stem cell treatments involve the use of stem cells for the purpose of treating illnesses or to prevent them. Stem cells are an internal repair system. They help the body replenish by regenerating into new cells. This kind of cells are not specialized. Therefore, they have the ability to regenerate to any kind of cells. Stem cells can be grown in the lab and be trained to specialize in a specific function. Later, they are administered into the part they were specialized for. This way, they help treat a wide variety of illnesses with minimal chances of rejection. The therapy has been most effective in the treatment of leukemia and some other types of cancers. Also, it helps suppress the side effects of cancer treatments by aiding the regeneration of cells that have been destroyed by chemotherapy.

Other Therapies

Apart from stem cell treatments, there is a wide variety of therapies that one could benefit from. Some of these therapies include;
• Chelation therapy
Chelation therapy is the most effective treatment for lead poisoning. It works by way of binding heavy metals and removing them from the body. The therapy utilizes chelating agent which is introduced intravenously into the body in order to bind with the heavy metals. However, one should be aware of nutrient depletion as one of the side effects of chelation therapy.

• Moxibustion
Moxibustion or acupuncture moxibustion is a Chinese traditional therapy aimed at the stimulation of the body’s acupuncture points. This aids in the release of energy. Therefore, healing the illness.

• Gerovital treatments
Gerovital treatments are the most common in the treatment of symptoms associated with aging. When opting for this treatment, it is important that you are aware that headaches, joint pains and, heartburns will be some of the Gerovital side effects.


Since the ancient times till now, various treatments have been developed. Some of them have been backed-up scientifically whereas others are yet to be proved scientifically. Whatever the case is, their benefits have impacted so many lives significantly. Hence, their benefits cannot be ignored. As the years go, many more therapies are bound to be researched, experimented and approved. The current ones will also be researched to find if they could treat other illnesses. This means that our lives are bound to improve. This is because they will help reduce suffering, therefore, improving people’s quality of life.

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