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Rehydration therapy is a form of treatment that is performed on patients suffering from dehydration-associated symptoms or those with excessive body water loss. The most vulnerable to this condition are infants and children. Others are patients who become dehydrated because of illness, metabolic disorders, accident or surgery. A person undergoes dehydration when loss of body fluids, which is commonly water, surpasses the amount that comes in. The two types of rehydration therapy are oral rehydration therapy and intravenous rehydration therapy. Common causes of dehydration include:

  • High fever
  • Illnesses such as diabetes
  • Unavailability of safe drinking water
  • Inability to drink water

Intravenous rehydration therapy

This type of treatment that requires a sterile water solution that contains little amounts of salts and sugar to be infused into the bloodstream of the patient. The solution mostly contains sodium chloride and dextrose. The liquid is usually kept in bottles or colorless plastic bags that are hanged on a hospital stand placed near the patient’s bed. In other cases, the solution contains additional electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins depending on the age, the existing medical conditions and the severity of the dehydration. The area that the IV catheter needle is inserted is first disinfected to avoid infections then the needle is injected into a vein and tapes it to hold it in position. The amount of the solution that is entering the bloodstream is regulated using a manual valve connected to the tube.

Oral rehydration therapy

This form of therapy is given through the mouth. It involves ingestion of water that contains certain amounts of sugar and salt. When the condition of the patient is severe, additional supplements like zinc is administered. Rapid oral dehydration using a suitable solution has been proved effective in the restoration of intravascular volume and treatment of acidosis.

Benefits of rehydration therapy to you

Rehydration therapy has many benefits especially to patients who suffer from severe diarrhea and vomiting. As your body regains its normal water volume, your metabolic processes are improved since is the main ingredient. Water dissolves fats and soluble fibers in your body and this prevents constipation therefore increasing the rate of digestion and absorption. Kidneys play a major role in waste removal and adequate water improves their functionality. Fatigue is one of the early signs of dehydration and once the body is rehydrated, you regain your energy and you can therefore continue with your normal activities. Energy boost just like vitamin c iv benefits is among the many benefits of rehydration. This type of therapy like pemf treatment has effective results compared to stem cell side effects.

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