Sunday, September 27, 2020

As a way of definition, PRP is an acronym that actually stands for plasma-rich platelet. This is injected into the system of an individual whenever they are having health problems to speed up the healing process. This method has been applicable since 1987 and has taken a major plunge into the sports platform. It initially was applied in open heart surgery. PRP so to explain is plasma with a very high number of platelets in it as scaled to the normal concentration of plasma in normal human blood. The more the amount of platelets is in one’s blood, the more the rate of growth factor in their bodies. Making PRP includes first of all drawing blood from the patient, the platelets are then separated from the blood and then centrifugation is applied. Centrifugation is the process by which platelets concentration in the blood is increased. After the concentration of the platelets has been increased to the desired level, the blood sample is the injected back to the patient a process believed to increase their healing process.

How Does PRP therapy work?

Platelet rich plasma therapy is applied to patients to speed up their healing process. Research in international laboratories proved that this process can actually be used to significantly increase the healing process of one and to reduce the number of days they are in pain. The following is the process of sample preparation and injection.
• The desired amount of platelets is added into the sample blood.
• After centrifugation, the blood sample is directly injected into the injured area to enhance their healing process. This is normally the case with athletes who gets injured normally in their legs. This is a method called platelet rich plasma injection. Achilles tendonitis is a situation where this process is normally applicable. This is a situation that is rampant with athletes and tennis players who have been in the field for quite a length of time. It is characterized by swelling with a sharp pain.
• PRP combined with anesthetic is directly injected into this area and is bound to initially increase the pain but will heal within a shorter span of time.

How effective is PRP therapy?

Questions on the effectiveness of PRP are normally asked. Research on this is still being worked on but so far so good it is quite a promising venture. The goodness of this method is that there are absolutely no side effects on their use. They link up well with the system notwithstanding the fact that the original platelets content in the sample has been drastically increased through centrifugation.

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