Sunday, September 20, 2020

Once in a while we would go to the physician and they would remedy our situation using PRP therapy and this leaves you imagining what this kind of therapy is all about and how it is done. Well don’t worry yourself anymore this article is here to take you through the basic facts of prp therapy and the process through which it is would first of all be radical to understand the notion of prp and seek to answer the pending question that are in mind. PRP is an acronym that stands for platelet rich plasma and in literal terms this means a sample of blood that has been enriched with platelets as they are believed to speed up the healing process of an injury. This was applicable along time ago but has now spread even unto the sports arena.

Methods Involved in PRP Therapy

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy in short is the transplant of bone marrow form one individual to another. This happens during infection such as spinal cord infections and bone fractures. It entails therapies like Stem cell knee injections which are used to treat patients with Knee Osteoarthritis.
Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields therapy
This is a therapy that is generally shortened as pemf it bases its treatment on believe that every cell in the body is electrically magnetized and what happens is that it seek to jerk the cells up for normal functioning of the body.

Ascorbic acid therapy

This is generally the injection of vitamin c into the system of an individual. Vitamin c is believed to be a basic component in the body and they are sometimes used to handle cancer patients. However, high dose vitamin c can pose side effects on the side of the user. The patient can undergo severe diarrhea and a feeling of giddiness.
The following is the procedure of prp therapy:

  • The blood is drawn from the patient
  • Separation of plasma and platelets
  • The sample of blood is enriched with platelets and injected into the system.

How is prp done?

This seeks to answer the question how platelet rich plasma is made and injected into the system of an individual. The first process is that blood is drawn from the patient’s body. This sample of blood is subjected to a process called centrifugation whereby plasma cells in the sample are highly increased. This is applied when a person especially sportsmen or women when they are injured. PRP therapy is a method that was subjected to a lot of doubts initially but has been proven to be such an effective method. It poses lesser side effects.

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