Wednesday, September 30, 2020

PRP therapy has become a very common therapy eventually especially in the sports arena. This is due to the fact that it has been identified to speed up the healing process of an injury and reduce the pains that one would feel. The advantage behind this therapy is that it is quite effective and that is why it has been legalized in the sports arena. It begun back in the days and physicians have been on the loggerheads on whether it is a valid thing to do but finally, it rose into recognition and acceptance. When someone has an injury for example on their feet, a PRP therapist would draw fresh blood from the system of the patient and then through a process called centrifugation, they will increase the intensity of platelets in the sample and then inject it back to the injured area. The increased amount of platelets is known to hasten the healing of the injury.

Related therapies

The list of the therapies related to plasma rich platelet therapy is quiet long but among the most recognized ones, chelating therapy is among the top list. This kind of therapy involves the removal of heavy metals form the system of an individual. Sometimes, some heavy metals would find their way into the circulatory system and what happens is that they are bound to block blood and jeopardize normal circulation. There is thus the necessity in this case to remove them and this therapy is the one method used in their however comes with its own side effects like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fever

Myers cocktail ingredients on the other hand is another form of therapy that is used to remedy situations related to food or dietary complications. This is based on the belief that most health conditions are caused by problems regarding the food one fed on. It thus concentrates so much on factors of diet and the related health impacts on an individual.


However much all these therapies are quite effective whenever administered on correct manner and doses, there is always the need to be quite vigilant on quality. This is because of the obvious fact that quality would enhance the chances of recovery to full health and as if that is not enough, it avoids the side effects that are quite rampant with most of these therapies. Always insist on quality services thus and avoid regretting at later stages.

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