Thursday, October 29, 2020

As an introductory statement and as a way of bringing this whole fact to light, it is important to underscore what PRP first of all stands for. PRP is an acronym that actually stands for platelet-rich plasma. What this literally means is that it is a sample of plasma that is actually highly concentrated with platelets. PRP injection is therefore the injection of this sample so rich in platelets into injured part of the body of a person who is injured. The reason behind this that it has been noted through research that platelets actually enhance the healing of injuries especially common in athletes and sportspeople.

How does PRP injection work?

Platelets rich plasma begun way back in the days but has of late entered into the arena of sports. What happens when a person is injured for example in the foot as is the common thing with sportsmen; blood is drawn from their system and then enriched with plasma. The process is as detailed below in order:

  • The blood is drawn from the patient
  • Separation of plasma and platelets
  • The sample of blood is enriched with platelets
  • The platelet concentrated sample is then directly injected into he injured area of the patient.

What happens in this process is that blood is literally enriched with platelets and then injected into the injured area but the injection should be done together with anesthetics to avoid paining the patient. The pain will increase for the next few days but will take a generally shorter period before healing.

How effective is PRP injection?

This is a question that is bound to pop out when PRP injection is mentioned. Well this method has been used by several athletes including the likes of Tiger Woods and has proven to be quite efficient as they are live evidence. Several people especially with Achilles tendonitis have been treated using this type of therapy and have healed. The concentration of platelets in the blood flowing into the specific area is a factor that dictates the efficiency of its healing. This is because Platelets functions as immune system cells in the body; they initiate and modulate inflammatory responses in parts of the body. So plasma rich platelet has a lower possibility of healing the injury as fast as a sample with high concentration of platelets. The good news with this form of therapy is that it absolutely poses no side effects on the patients.

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