Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of those integrative therapies subscribed for therapy all over the states. It is one of those unique techniques of conventional medicine Miami has to offer. The whole procedure takes not more than one hour but a medical recommendation from a doctor needs is advisable before undergoing the therapy. Just as the name suggests, the whole procedure involves a shot of platelets from your own blood to the area of interest.

Benefits of PRP Therapy

Before we delve into how it works, you first ought to know if it is beneficial to you. PRP therapy is essentially a healing therapy. It serves the purpose of inducing cell regeneration in damaged tissues. This makes it the ideal solution for:

  • treatment of open wound that are slow to heal
  • athletic injuries resulting in torn tendons
  • cartilage damages in conditions like osteoarthritis
  • anti-aging therapies
  • musculoskeletal injuries

Orthopedics and cosmetic specialists are all geared to find out how much more this therapy can improve the lives of people. The alternative therapy induces holds promise because it induces cellular regrowth in tissues that were initially thought of as irreparable once damaged. Furthermore, the therapy surpasses existing treatment that make someone fell young again. Therapies like iv hydration therapy will rehydrate your cells making you feel energetic and younger but PRP therapy improves the texture of your skin.

How PRP Therapy Works

If you are suffering from that nagging pain in your Achilles tendon from a sports injury or suffering from osteoarthritis, then PRP therapy is just what you need. Although such unexplainable pains could sometimes be a deficiency problem that can easily be solved by a standard dose of nutritional iv therapy, most times this is as a result of serious damage to the cartilage or tendon.
The procedure first of all involves drawing the patient’s blood and deliberately separating the platelets in a centrifuge, a procedure that takes about 15-20 minutes. The plasma now enriched with a high dose of platelets is injected into the injured part of the tendon or cartilage. Once injected back into the body, the platelet-rich plasma initiates regrowth of the damaged. The injection also works to relieve pain on the injured part. Each treatment regimen of PRP is followed by rest and physical therapy exercise for about one year when a review is made on the healing process.

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