Tuesday, September 22, 2020

PRP is an abbreviation of the name Platelet-rich plasma. This is some kind of blood plasma that has actually been enriched with plasma. The major role of platelets rich plasma is to ease the healing of bones of the body as well as soft tissues found within the same body. As far as history is concerned, it is significant to note that PRP was discovered in the year 1970. The country where it was first used is Italy. This was actually in a heart surgery process to a certain patient. PRP was not effective from the time of discovery. We can say that this was a trial period for Platelet-rich plasma. In a real sense, a certain thing or substance cannot be discovered today and work effectively on the same day. Researchers have to be given a certain allowance of time for testing and modification to make it effective for the better.

The History

  • year of discovery: 1970
  • year of popularity: 1995
  • year of effectiveness: 1996

PRP began gaining popularity in the year 1995. This was around fifteen years after its discovery. Since then, Plasma rich platelet injection has been of great use to quite a good number of diverse medical fields. The fields incorporate cosmetic surgery as well as pain management. In other world, we can say that PRP has been of great significance to very many people in the world. It has been a great discovery in the medical department of nearly all states of the world as it keeps being used to save patients each passing day.
Since mid-90s, it is important to note that certain modifications have been applied on PRP injection to make it more effective and efficient. Doctors and researchers have, since then, works side by side to ensure the effectiveness and the fruits of their labor have been seen in the patients whose bodies respond positively to the drugs.


In a nutshell, it is important for us to conclude that the discovery of platelet rich plasma has been a stepping stone towards the achievement of health savings all over the world. Today we celebrate and appreciate the great work that PRP has done in the lives of many suffering patients. PRP is a good thing, lets give credit where it is due.

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