Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Platelet rich plasma is an integrative therapy. Its first concrete developments were in the 70s. The therapy involves the intravenous administration of platelet rich plasma injections. The injections are meant to speed up healing. However, the therapy was not used on people until 1987. This was when it was first used. The therapy was used by surgeons after a surgery to speed up the healing of the patient’s body tissues. Since then, it has gained its popularity in as a complimentary treatment that is used in order to speed up healing of soft tissues and bones. The surgery is mostly used in plastic surgeries. In the recent years, the therapy is favored among athletes. This is because of its ability to help them resume sports as soon as possible.

More integrative therapies

Taking a look at integrative therapies, there is more than one therapy that one could benefit from. Some of the beneficial integrative therapies include;
• Glutathione therapy
Glutathione is a naturally occurring substance found in every cell. Glutathione helps to protect cells through the release of free electrons to cover free radicals. For this reason, glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant and without it, cells would die. No wonder it is very effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. However, it is important that you know about glutathione injections side effects also. One of the most devastating being, excessive skin lightening.

• High dose vitamin c iv therapy
This therapy entails the intravenous administration of high doses of vitamin c. It is mostly used in the treatment of cancer.

• Insulin potentiation therapy
This therapy is used as a gentle treatment for cancer. It involves the use of insulin to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Therefore, less chemo is required in the treatment of cancer.


One of the major benefits of integrative therapies is that they help reduce the amount of time taken to heal. At the same time, they reduce the side effects of the western treatments they are used in. For example, insulin in insulin potentiation therapy lowers the side effects of chemo and therapies such as acupuncture help suppress stem cell side effects. Aside from this, they also enhance healing of the whole being rather than just the illness. Alternative treatments will treat psychological, physical and even spiritual all at once. Find out more about this therapies today, you will not regret it.

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