Friday, September 18, 2020

Platelet rich plasma is a term used to refer to blood plasma that is concentrated with platelets. The platelet rich plasma is administered to an injured area to foster healing. This process is known as PRP therapy. The therapy was first used in Italy in the 20th century to speed healing of the soft tissues of a patient that had just undergone an open heart surgery. PRP is known for its ability to speed healing of muscles and soft tissues. Being that it is based on the belief that the body has a self-healing ability, platelet rich Plasma therapy can be categorized as a form of holistic healing. It has been embraced by many health facilities, both the integrative medicine center and the alternative medical centers as a means for treating musculoskeletal injuries. PRP has many benefits. Some of them include;

Benefits of PRP

• Few Side Effects
Platelet rich plasma has very minimal side effects. Being that one’s blood is what is used to foster healing, it means that there are very little chances of rejection and reactions.

• Effectiveness
Platelet rich Plasma is very effective in encouraging the growth of healthy cells in an injured area. For this reason, it has been majorly used in the treatment of sports injuries, where it is popular for helping athletes resume the field faster.

• Affordability
Platelet rich Plasma treatments are considered to be less expensive compared to the regular surgeries. This is both in terms of time and money. Time, because PRP is known to work pretty fast.

• No Scarring
With PRP, you do not have to be worried about scarring. This is especially where it is used in the treatment of aging symptoms and general reconditioning of the skin.


Platelet rich Plasma treatments are actually really safe. However, it is important that you understand that during and after the treatment, you might feel some pain. Some patients will experience severe pain more than others. Apart from pain, the rest of PRP side effects are actually caused as a result of the practitioner’s carelessness. For this reason, always ensure that the treatments are administered by a licensed practitioner. Failure to do so, you might fall victim of blood clots as a result of damage of blood vessel linings. Also, you may get an infection in the area where the PRP injection was administered.

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