Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Many people suffering with acute pain problems believe there is little hope of relieving pain in a way that has few side effects or long term health complications. The use of PROLOZONE therapy is now used by medical practitioners, such as Dr. Martin Dayton to relieve pain using homeopathic techniques with few long term side effects. PROLOZONE doctors understand the mixture of homeopathic medications, vitamins, minerals, procaine and ozone gases can bring a patient relief from chronic pain and in some cases bring to an end long term pain due to joint problems.

Offering PROLOZONE therapy Miami Doctor Dayton uses his more than 40 years of experience to determine the injection therapy is one of the best pain relief options available to his patients. Statistics show patients treated by PROLOZONE Doctors have a 75 percent chance of being free from chronic pain following a successful course of the non surgical treatment; available for patients with chronic neck, hip, knee and elbow pain amongst other problem areas in PROLOZONE Aventura areas of Florida. Using PROLOZONE therapy Miami patients have seen a large decrease in pain because of the ability of the substances found in the medication to produce collagen and repair ligaments between joints that have been damaged.

Using PROLOZONE Aventura patients can find relief from arthritic joints through the combination of ozone and prolozone therapy that makes up PROLOZONE. When joints are damaged the ligaments that connect the bones that make up the joint become stretched and are difficult to repair naturally. By injecting PROLOZONE directly into the damaged area, caused either by trauma or a degenerative medical condition ligaments can be repaired and the pain caused by the damaged joint relieved by the combination of ingredients found in PROLOZONE. The single significant side effect reported to occur with PROLOZONE is a rare occurrence of increased pain in the area the shot is administered; aside from this side effect no long term issues have been reported.

The reputation built by Dr. Martin Dayton over his forty years using traditional and homeopathic treatments for his patients ensures PROLOZONE is completely safe and effective for his patients. The therapy is a simple way for those in Florida to find relief from pain with a fully licensed doctor using a high quality non invasive treatment.

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