Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Plaquex therapy is an integrative treatment plan that has been used for over 50 years. Originally, Plaquex was developed to help post-operative patients dissolve fatty embolus, which are blood clots or clumps of bacteria that accumulate in the body. In the 1990s, Plaquex treatment plans shifted from blood clots to focusing on the removal of plaque deposits found in the artery walls.

What is Plaquex

Plaquex derives from Phosphatidylcholines, which is a class of phospholipids, which naturally occurs in nature. Phosphatidylcholines is found in human cell membranes, soy beans, egg yolk and other organic sources. Medicinal properties of Plaquex for human application are extracted from soy beans.

Plaquex has a remarkable way of lowering blood pressure and reducing plaque deposits along the artery walls. Plaque is a dangerous substance that is composed mainly of two constituents – cholesterol and calcium. Plaquex therapy is used to unblock clogged arteries by removing bad cholesterol, which is scientifically known as low-density lipoprotein – LDL; and the the calcium found in plaque is removed by implementing a treatment method called chelation therapy. Plaquex therapy and chelation therapy cannot be mixed together; physicians must alternate each treatment plan.

How Plaquex Works

When cell membranes in the human body are damaged, it leads to LDL cholesterol getting ejected from the cell structure. This action causes elevated LDL levels in the blood, fat cells, arteries, muscles and other parts of the body. Plaquex therapy aids in the removal of excess cholesterol, and it aids in the transport of rogue cholesterol deposits to the liver for elimination. In addition to lowering cholesterol, researchers have discovered that Plaquex is effective for the following medicinal purposes:

  • Increases good cholesterol – HDL: high-density lipoprotein
  • Improves mental function and memory
  • Improves impaired kidney function
  • Improves impaired liver function
  • Improves sexual potency

The benefits of Plaquex are vast; for example, Plaquex is used for lipid therapy, which not only reverses plaque found in the arteries, but it also reduces the aging process. This happens because Plaquex helps with enzyme metabolism, which returns cells to a youthful shape and function. Lipid treatments have a powerful effect on cells and help them regain elasticity, which has many beneficial properties, such as cell receptors absorbing nutrients more efficiently. Lipid treatments also aid in removing waste from cells, which contributes to premature cell aging.

How is Plaquex Administered

Plaquex therapy is administered in sessions that last from 90 to 120 minutes. Plaquex therapy cannot be mixed with other vascular treatments, therefore, it is administered as a stand alone agent. If Plaquex treatments are elected by the patient, then they are recommended to participate in at least 20 to 40 treatment sessions. In severe cardiovascular cases, doctors recommend up to 45 treatment sessions. Plaquex therapy is found to be more effective when patients change their diet and implement other lifestyle changes, such as the elimination of cigarette and alcohol consumption.

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